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But there are areas on which all agree. Here is a checklist that might just save your life.


This is the key. Time and again, having a notion of what you are going to do in the event of a crash or forced landing has been found to be fundamental to survival.

First, really do listen to the safety announcement and read the safety card, and if you don't, then at the very least know exactly where to find the nearest exits. Bear in mind that — unfortunately — you may have several minutes' warning before impact, so use the time to go through any plan again. This theory is supported by several studies and a Channel 4 documentary. After hitting the ground, the front of the plane and the first 11 rows of seats — usually reserved for first-class, business-class or premium-economy passengers — were ripped off.

A force of 12G was recorded in this section of the aircraft. Further back, the force fell to around 6G. Though an analysis of a single crash is hardly decisive, the findings support a study by Popular Mechanics, carried out in The Channel 4 study in Mexico also saw three dummies placed in the same row, but in different positions: The unfastened traveller would have been the only one to perish, experts claimed.

This evacuation issue is also key.

Aviation accidents and incidents - Wikipedia

As outlined above, the majority of plane crashes are survivable. So surely a seat close to an exit would be safest? Researchers checked the accounts of 2, survivors in accidents around the world. Like the safest seats, this is a contentious area. Internet conspiracy theorists claim the recommended brace positions which themselves have varied over the years are those guaranteed to break your neck and back most successfully — a deliberate ploy, they claim, to make your death as quick and painless as possible and reduce insurance costs.

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Others — less ludicrously — point out that one of the two recommended brace positions is impossible for anyone in an economy seat, where the space in front of you is simply insufficient to adopt the suggested position. It's worth noting that some think the recommended brace positions don't make much sense, and that you should sit up straight and push against the seat in front of you.

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In any event, you are trying to do three basic things by bracing. Get your torso as low as possible to reduce the jackknife effect at impact; stop yourself from flying forward and hitting the seat or other parts of the aircraft interior; and preventing injury to your legs and ankles that will hinder your escape from the aircraft.

That last point is pertinent: If you can, add additional protection for your head — a pillow, say.

Aviation accidents and incidents

Be sure that you have removed any dentures, pencils or other sharp objects from around your person. Aftermath of the Russian helicopter crash in Siberia — video. Russian helicopter crash in Siberia kills all 18 people onboard. Parents of MH17 victims lash out at 'bully' Trump: Statement comes on eve of summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and just before anniversary of 17 July air disaster. Smoke streams from vintage plane before fatal crash in South Africa — video. Two Qantas pilots injured in fatal vintage plane crash in South Africa. According to the airport, the crash occurred in the approach area of runway Emergency responders arrived and found two people conscious and moving.

85 injured in Mexico plane crash

Foam was sprrayed on the plane and surrounding area as a preventive measure to avoid fire. Both people exited the plane with assistance and was taken to the Holston Valley Medical Center. The runway was closed for about two hours and reopened at 10 p. Commercial flights were minimally impacted by the accident with the final two flights of the evening arriving as scheduled.

Some damage occurred to the FAA instrument landing system lights on runway



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