EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)

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Nature, Literature, and the Arts - Japan: An Anthology - Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself: Fighting for Freedom, - Journey of Life: Modern Literature and Oral Texts in Kurmanji: Manual para abrir cerrojos Spanish Edition - Lake of Heaven: Scenes from a Korean Boyhood - Lost Souls: Stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa - Mandelstam - Manga: Culture, Politics, and Society - Many Ramayanas: A Selection of Poems by Saigyo Tr of Selections from Sankashu.

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A Novel - The Silver Spoon: The first book started out slow but quickly picked up the pace. The MC acted more like a 12 year old boy than his purported 17, and his maturation during the series was like an early teenager that was on his own. There was a lot of graphic death during the boys travels without any real angst or guilt, which was definitely not typical at all.

The action was surprisingly intense and interesting but the story felt a bit rushed and lacking. Good series overall, but nothing to write home about. Simple fun magic story The world is simple and the magic system has a few holes in it. But the main character is likable enough. A really good wizardly romp Never a dull spot in this book. Keeps you wanting to read more. Sadly it didn't sound like there would be a book two. The six "novels" were short and very basic. Each had three characters sometimes a fourth!

It was like a page book with six intros, six climaxes, and one plot. The writing itself was fine, nothing special. Yet, despite the book feeling just average, I did enjoy it. The tale moves quickly, and it's not hard to keep track of the story and characters. The magic isn't fully explained, but it's okay.

I wanted Mithris to succeed in finding all six o Reader thoughts: I wanted Mithris to succeed in finding all six of the foundation crystals. I could come with theories for why the books were so short and originally published separately. One could be the author felt more comfortable with page stories rather than one full-length novel. For me, writing my page novella, Risky Perception. Whatever the reason, this format did keep the plot moving quickly. It was odd to have six intros and six rising actions and six climaxes, but it did help the reader feel like the plot moved quickly when we have an epic wizard battle every 40 pages or so.

This is a pretty well-written coming-of-age fantasy. It's supposed to be a series, but the individual books must have been awfully short, because all together it adds up to one normal size book. There's a decent balance between action and character development. The magic system is based on ley lines that cross dimensional boundaries in a multiverse. Several of the characters are magically powerful crystals that can communicate with the main character, an apprentice becoming a wizard.

Almost no rom This is a pretty well-written coming-of-age fantasy. Almost no romance makes the plot less than ideal for my taste. The ending is quite a surprise, and moderately satisfying. Great fantasy I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys books that have great characters, a good storyline, and lots of magic. A great whimsical fantasy with a bumbling mage in training, and talking rocks! I loved it, and so do my grandkids who are currently working their way through it. Fall hard for the infamous Beckett brothers in this steamy bad boy bundle. A four book Amazon Top 50 Bestselling series now available in one complete box set.

These tough, alpha brothers play hard and love harder, willing to do anything to protect their women. From hot football superstars to dete. Do you need a soul reboot? Do you feel stuck in a rut most days? Do you dread getting out of bed? Have you fallen into a habit of complaining? In Every Day is a Gift, Bridget shares her own journey in overcoming these same obstacles by finding a more grateful attitude. She talks about different e. Hallie and Cory were surprised when they discovered that their grandmother knew about Mr. But how could she? They had met him when they climbed over a magic branch and, astonishingly, found themselves shrunken to mouse size and standing before the small, red door, with the cheese-sha.

Carter Spence is a 26 year-old accountant out of Boston who has an out-of-body experience following a car accident that kills his parents. He views the chaos from above the scene of the accident, then passes through the tunnel and reunites with relatives who have long been dead. A woman he does not. When Hallie and Cory cross a magic branch that shrinks them to mouse size, they make the acquaintance of Mr.

Snuggywhiskers—the friendly, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard. From the day that Hallie discovers his tiny red door to the moment that Hallie and Cory reali. Along the banks of the Bogue Falaya River, sits the abandoned St. Beneath a canopy of oaks, blocked from prying eyes, the teens of St.

Benedict High gather here on Frida. Once upon a time there was a witch. The people were afraid, and fear often turns to hatred. When Artemis was thirteen, her best friend Aris was swallowed by the crumbling house they found in the woods. Like a coward, she abandoned him to the horror. Jack Dean has always wanted to make movies. But there is more to the man than just good looks. Hounded by media and followed by rumours, he feels trapped in Hollywood. With his previous film bombing at the box office, and his new film looking to go the same way, he uses the opportunity of a press.

Louis and Mercy Watts is on vacation from her parents. But when a family friend has a fatal heart attack, Dad has one of his famous feelings and orders Mercy to look into it. Until he sees her. Thomas has nowhere left to turn. After that, James and Henry move on, their bond of f. Rade Matheson thought he had everything he needed, Money, Power, and a woman who was willing to submit to him.

That was until one night at The Ca. A collection of stories by Jaidis Shaw: Is the sacrifice worth the reward? The Reluctant Seamstress is an outcast among her people. Now her life depends on making the perfect suit for her master. He text dumped me. Now I have to pretend to be in love with him. We cant be together anymore. I have one shot to smooth things over with my boss, pretend to be in a relationshi. Reed Valentine, Duke of Keswick has accidentally bought himself a gypsy girl Danielle wants to be free of them, and free of Max.

So she agrees t. Can a hookup with a hot Army man turn into the real thing? Or just wind up shattering your heart for good? Teagan has sworn off men. And why shouldn't she, after getting her heart shredded by her cheating ex? Now, she only wants to enjoy summertime in the Colorado mountains and build her fledg. That's what she told me. The old fortune-teller at the school carnival. I thought I was doing the right thing … with the magic journal she gave me. But nothing could prepare me for what. James is a social worker with a troubled past who meets Tucker, a down-on-his-luck New England lobsterman.

The two men and their families live in a New Hampshire coastal town that's caught up in a squall of drugs and violence. James and Tucker are two men struggling to stay afloat as a storm of viol. Among the scattered fringe cities bordering the Cienbal desert, the true name of the Monster of Karth is spoken only in whispers A sellsword of the utmost caliber, Raz is a killer of paramount skill and highest regard. Towering tall even amongst the atherian, he is the only o. Marion Dent is a sociopath for hire, contracted to kidnap a girl named Fifth. When he is betrayed by those who hired him, Dent flees with Fifth, protecting her as he struggles to unravel the mystery behind her unique talent to force her emotions on others - and how it ties in to his own clouded past.

All four books of The Ending Series together in a single box set! Making it through the end of the world as they knew it was the easy part; staying alive after the endi. Torn between two men, one she loves and one who loves her, Cordia is trapped by her circumstances as the Civil War closes in on her small, Missouri town. In these desperate times, she must rely on her own resolve and follow her heart, even if it means turning her back on the man who would make her h. A young girl must cope with strange new abilities along with her newfound maturity.

Balancing her powers with the need to fit into middle school is a daunting task for anyone. Agnes must find her way with the help of her family and some good friends. Peace in the world may hinge in the balance. A Mexican professor-turned-fugitive encounters love and newfound friends in an idyllic far-off American town, and must rethink his vow of vengeance against the Mexican drug cartel that has attacked his hometown and family.

Josephina expected to die young. She didn't expect to be reborn as a witch. Perfect for readers who love alternate realities, soulmates, forgotten gods, and paranormal romance. Lance Pototschnik and his friends are on their way to Costa Rica. Instead, they are introduced to hell and the insane diversity of its tortures. Marooned on a r. For three thousand years a hatred burns. The year is To protect those he loves he must regain the power and knowledge earned in an distant lifetime.

A year after Perla Mercurio divorced her first lover in a contentious divorce, she had resigned herself to being single. After a doctor's visit, she meets Dr. Mathias Keene, and her attraction to him sparks her sexual desires. When Perla and Matt dance at a club, their chemistry is undeniable. If the power grid fails, how far will you go to survive? With a sudden blackout stretching across the country, one ordinary family is put to the ultimate test.

It's survival of the fittest in the apocalypse. The EMP is only the beginning. But navigating the dating world is. Charlie Hong is on the run from both sides of the law. To turn the woman they desire into the ultimate weapon, the four warriors have to conquer her body and heart, which seems even more impossible than winning the war against the atrocious gods. But nothing turns these alpha males on more than an impossible dare. And nothing turns a demigoddess on more. Dying to experience life, I cross an ocean to get away from my fears.

I find my safe haven in the form of Detective Aiden Holden. He shows me what love is, but then our lives collide. Our little world shatters, and I'm caught in the crossfire. I'm forced to return home, to let go of the only pers. These daddies don't ask for obedience. Daddy's Demands is a collection of decadently dirty daddy dom romances from some of the hottest authors in the genre.

This deliciously naughty box set includes twenty-five brand-new, stand-alone novellas featuring steaming hot, irresistibly s. Three juries have convicted Ed of murdering his pregnant wife in , but Ed continues to insist that the real killer is Allison Byrd, the law stude. Determined to find some balance in her life as well as get away from his tempting presence, she escapes to visit a college fri. Little Sophie Bell comes back from college all grown up. The entire time she was in school, she had a crush on her favorite teacher, and now she's determined to give him her virginity.

She may not be his student anymore, but she's still forbidden fruit…or is she? Twenty years ago, Jacob lost everything. Just as he was starting to figure out life as a college freshman, his world was suddenly shattered when a devastating illness destroyed the world he once knew and claimed the lives of everyone that mattered to him. Jacob and the other survivors of the pand.

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Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only women who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible. Her worst nightmare has come true and it's still only the first day of college.

All she wanted was to graduate and help the world. Everything changes when her only friend Vanessa Lewis talks her into covering for her at a catering job. The minute April walked in the door, her curiosi. Books in the popular One True Mate series. Two wolves, one bear, and one beast find their One True Mates in this bundle. Their females are gone, slain by the demon when these shifter males were pups, but the One True Mate prophecy comes of age this year.

Police investigator Dov Chizzik stumbles into a right wing coup to depose the Chief of Staff, spearheaded by Rivka Aaronson, queen of the settlement construction, and assisted by a ruthless killer, employing insect drones. Jess Rand is ready for a fresh start. Her marriage is over and all she wants to do is retreat to Whispering Pines, a place of peace and solitude. But when her husband shows up late at night, broken and bedraggled, he asks her to do the unimaginable.

Long-buried secrets and new accusations tangle tog. Is it possible to find significance in our dail. Breathtaking International thriller from a bestselling Scandinavian author. As thought-provoking as it is entertaining, Game of Greed is a riveting standalone crime thriller and a gripping exploration of human nature and the integrity of the world of big business. If you like passionate heroes.

But he keeps appearing in unlikely places. Who is the mysterious boy with the captivating eyes — and what is he protecting her from? A captivating romantic fantasy with over 1, five-star Goodreads ratings! In this small town, rumors travel fast, and the family doctor can't be seen as a player. So why does he drive me wild with sexual tension every chance he gets? After finding and securing Daria, a young runaway, Sami and Dikla are left slack-jawed upon discovering her apparent suicide.

Follow these never-say-die investigators down the rabbit-hole of cults and con-artists as they attempt to reveal the truth. They say the Goblin King will give a gold coin for every night a girl spends with him. Everyone whispered about him. But when my father lost his money, all my wonderings came true. A steamy fairy tale retelling! Olson is trapped in a city that is on the hunt for him. He has nowhere to run as the whole place is sealed from the toxic atmosphere.

Nobody wants to help him until he meets a scientist who knows his true origins.

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Meanwhile, back home, his friends are caught under the thumb of a brutal regime, until. When a will from her dead father decrees spunky succubus Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any succubus would do and casts a spell. But when that spell accidentally summons an ancient demon to kill her and her sisters, she knows only one plac.

Cadence destroyed a vampire, and now his friends are coming for her. She escaped with the help of a sexy, mysterious man. This box set includes all four books in The Kacy Chronicles, a Prophesies of Oriceran Series full of portal-travel, magic, dragons, action, adventure and romance. Written for anyone who has ever wanted to fly!

The humble prince will risk his inheritance in pursuit of the truth, and join an unlikely allegiance. On the night of Prince Ka. When a devastating solar flare cripples the grid and damages vehicle electronics, many are left stranded. Rick and Lauren both face arduous treks back home through societies now broken. It's a race against time to reach their children and save them from growing lawlessness and hunger, but many hard.

If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do. Clint Westerly was a success until a fateful choice he makes tears his world all apart. Tanya Wilshire is broke but hell-bent on committing to her mother's final deathbed request. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones or Vikings, you're going to. Combining their years of experience, members of the former CIA special operations team known by their collective call sign, Wrecking Crew, provide a potential real-world scenario for their hometown.

Will their former US military and elite training be enough to convince the powers-that-be that danger. She wanted to find her missing brother. Neither of them counted on falling in love. When he received an ultimatum to marry. She plays for Team Spirit. High school senior Tara Luna's got all the usual teen problems: What fate awaits a girl who hears monsters at night … Sixteen-year-old Jaclyn looks up to her father. An honest man who once fought for the king, he now teaches Jaclyn how to use her wits—and her sword.

But he has a secret. And his secret may have a connection to the one thing Jaclyn is hidin. Fey do not forgive, and they do not forget. A half-breed born under a death sentence in the New World and saved from execution in the Old, Rafael West—half-elven druid turned gunslinger—returns to his homeland, wary and beholden to the high fairy who negotiated his rel. Learn to communicate with your child who has attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities without mutual anger or frustration.

Here children share stories of their personal pain, so parent and child readers can identify with and discuss them. An heiress without a cause. Two billionaires determined to claim her. And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield—the heart. Caught between two warrior brothers, as the ancient blood-rituals of Ostara night begin, Elswyth's life is in peril.

Surrender to suspense, mystery and forbidden passion - in 'Viking Wolf'. In this classic mix of detective noir and golden age derring-do, the world's greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered, and only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time. Forced by the Health Inspector to leave his job waiting tables, Garson D. Penguin looks for another job, preferably one where there are no Health Inspectors. But it's tough out there for a penguin. What kind of work can he do? How can he prove himself? Who will believe in him? Kids and parents wi.

Mengenai Saya

The Millennial Cycle is here. From Award winning Author Guy Lozier comes this exciting adventure through dimensional paths where we find Earth's protectors watching over us. Proclaimed a genius by many of G. Captain Princess Alea Sinclair is tasked by the Emperor to be her aunt Elizabeth's lady-in-waiting, i. Behind the scenes, health issues and a cruel commanding officer make their private lives hell while they strive. Cinderella has a dark secret. The Little Mermaid loses more than her voice. And Little Red Riding Hood isn't so little anymore.

Todd Woodside's entire San Francisco life suddenly disappears when he becomes an 8-year-old boy living in rural Oregon in New York City is being overrun by demons. Only a vigilante Yakuza girl, her katana and magical talents stand in their way. As soon as she sobers up Forty years ago the Australian rural town of Burrawang Bend was the scene of a brutal murder, and the townspeople are still calling for justice. Marlee Moore, the suspect's and victim's granddaughter, is fighting to clear her grandfather's name.

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And no one is going to stand in her way. As their relationship grows, they agre. Dragon King Nikolai Baudin witnessed how love destroyed his own father after the death of his mother and vows to never take a wife. Yet, when the little girl he rescued so many years ago returns as a beautiful and mysterious woman, he finds the desires of his heart overwhelming his good intentions. Miss Lavinia Chadwick--the only non-bluestocking in her family--is destined to marry well.

At least according to her mother. She will definitely not marry a Scotsman. According to her mother. But when a braw laird steps foot in their little village, she cannot help but wonder Duty and prophecy get in the way of everything. All I ever wanted to do was read my books, play my sports, and help people. Life and prophecy had other things in mind. Helping people is what I do; as an empath and semi-frequent telepath, I can easily sense and understand people's needs and emo. All Jolene Carter has ever wanted is to own a bakery of her own.

There's only one problem. Her father, Robert Carter, is a world-renowned art t. Thief in the Night. Jonathan Quinn, known as John Doe, is a notorious thief. He went underground, stealing to fund his cau. Believing in second chances, Tessa follows her he. A new job offer opens up in Utah of all places, and I decide to welcome the opportunity with open arms. A beautiful new state with a breathtaking view, but I can only see one thing in t.

The gods are gone. Her brother is missing. One retired assassin must confront her past to save his future… On sale for a very limited time.

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How far are you willing to go for love? Alice travels from Prague to Japan with a single goal — to find someone who was very important in her life. But finding one person in the multi-million city of Tokyo — when she has only his first name, an old photo and limited knowledge of Japanese —. Working hard to graduate at the top of her class and becoming the best FBI agent had finally paid off for Agent Gabrielle Jackson.

Selected to head one of the most important operations of her career, the unexpected happens when Jagged Edge Security is brought in to assist. The last thing that Gabrie. Shawn, a vengeance machine with a boning knife is searching for his ex-wife, Tori, who is hiding out in a remote Wyoming cabin expressly to get out of Shawn's reach. Bit by tantalizing bit, she teases meaning from it with t. Donovan Jasmine Phillips has a solid right hook. Then, she kisses me and sets me on fire. Jasmine makes me question everything. She hides her peculiarities from everyone, even her. Humans rule with an iron first and half-breeds like her must keep their parentage a secr.

One thousand years in the future, humans no longer rule Now, in a world where humans must meet specifications to continue living, a man named Caesar emerges.

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Different, both in thought and talent, Caesar somehow slipped through the genetic net meant to catch those like him. Can one man stan. Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff. What if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings and fly? Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands.

But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonshi. She narrowly escapes, all thanks to an equally mysterious and magical stranger: Would you like to finally silence your inner critic and eliminate your fear of failure? The Joy Of Imperfection is a step-by-step guide that'll show you how to finally overcome your perfectionism and become the best version of yourself in the process. Amazon bestselling author, Damon Zahariade.

Moira Wicked finds it difficult to be normal when her first name means destiny, her last name is Wicked, and she happens to be a witch. Busy dealing with a murder investigation, she tries to hold destiny at bay. Destiny comes in the form of Liam Good. A Wicked is fated to fall in love with a Good on. Dream With Me, Cowboy is book 1 of an addictively fun Christian romance series! Hairstylist Lacy Brown believes love is in the air and the hair when she drives her ancient pink convertible into town and joins forces with three matchmakers who've started a national "wives wanted" ad campaign to save.

In a changed human world, death is the only treatment for illness and disease, and it comes at a cost. On the run from the Agency that hunts her for helping the sick, Isla finds hersel. The gods are dying.


But for one man, death is only the beginning. Murdered as a ritual sacrifice, amateur thief and professional charmer Dustin Graves mysteriously survives, finding himself gifted with strange, dark magic. Then more dead bodies turn up. Some are human, but one is a god of the old. When a person is at the end of their rope, the only thing left to do is survive. Finally getting a break, she gets hired as a maid at a ritzy hotel, but finds that it is still not enough. Tired of living the life she was handed, s. Then a barbarian prince proposes, and if she refuses, the country may plunge into war.

So she agrees, only to discover the prince has his own secrets… and that saving her country may end up breaking her h. Charming trouble lies ahead for Andy Caplet. Is he being set up for blackmail by the apparently beautiful young woman who attempts to seduce him, or is something more sinister afoot? New town, same life. Even though leaving Manhattan was the hardest thing I had ever done, I knew it was best for me to leave and start over.

So here I stand in my plush penthouse apartment, one year later. Taking a sip of my Scotch on the rocks, gazing out my floor-to-ceiling window, wondering what. An original take on the post-apocalyptic genre, mixing elements of sci-fi, horror, and action into an entertaining thriller. Over players enter a virtual world to play a game - survive 24 hours of their chosen apocalypse.

Instead of game over at the end, they're plunged straight into another gam. Ru Roberts is an ordinary fourth grade teacher dealing with a tragic past. A fast, gleeful and addictive ride through Tinseltown. I was born a fighter. Destined for the ring. My little girl deserves more than the life I have to offer.

The least I can do is keep her safe from the mad man after. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. John's first official case as a law enforcement officer is the one he never talks about. Now find out why. On the one-hundredth anniversary of the Jack the Ripper case John Jordan gets his first job in law enforcement—and a case that. Post-apocalyptic, alien invasion thriller: When humanity vanishes, 9 survivors must unravel the disappearance and defend Earth from invasion, while hordes of creatures swarm the planet, fighting each other for the remaining food supply.

The humans must take sides, and 2 boys have gifts that may chan. Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you'll be begging to enter their circle of friends!

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The first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has unleashed a great pestilence. Can a broken man with a haunted past overcome his addiction and save the world? To others, she is a dangerous sociopath. Now she has vanished from her job, but not before being seen leaving a motel room where one man is found dead, another on the edge of death. Must Inspector Joe Horseman sacrifice his chance at love to catch a killer? This time, he wants love to last.

So, when a young activist is murdered at Tanoa in the remote highlands, Horseman se. Blue Faust considers herself a regular girl. A little shy, maybe, and a smidge isolated. When she and her mother move to a new city, she implements it. This will be The Year of. Shocked, she leave the house, embarking on a strange voyage into her life-changing past secrets, toward her new, stronger self. The war is on, and time is running out.

Secret battles between two alien species are being waged on Earth's soil, brewing a war that could wipe out humanity. To prevent an alien armageddon, we'll have to pick a side. The problem is, we may have picked the wrong one. Can her bodyguard, Silas, save her? Or is Jane not who she seems? With enough coffee jokes to keep you awake all night, its curious caffeine mystery is guaranteed to set your pulse racing faster than a quadruple espresso.

So what are you waiting f. The brightest light can be found at the end of the darkest tunnel. Bennet found himself dazed and confused, the memories of the last few days completely gone as his body fought to gain control after a night of drinking and drugs. The Age of Anomaly is a no-nonsense guide to spotting the next financial crisis and becoming more resilient in general.

We've got eight exciting tales of mystery and murder, each with a twist you won't see coming. Murder is a limited-edition, cozy mystery boxed set with eight full-length, never-before-published novels from eight bestselling au. Magic, mystery and adventure await you in these 22 Mystical stories! Follow the lives of your favorite paranormal entities as they battle what lurks within the shadows of their supernatural worlds.

Dance with Lucifer, experience love from beyond the grave, solve a case Six tales of magic, adventure, and friendship to charm the young and the young-at-heart — from middle-grade readers through new adult. This one-of-a-kind collection features six standalone and series-debut novels, including three Chanticleer International Book Award winning titles! And I can't stop kissing him in closets. He's the brother of the groom and the CEO.

Peace, safety, a place to grieve and heal. After her husband is murdered by the Russian mob, Boston detective Callie Jean Morgan comes home to her family's cottage in South Carolina. There, she can keep their te.

EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)
EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella) EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men (A Fantasy Novella)

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