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Jackie Collins herself was credited as "Creative Consultant" for the miniseries, though she later made it clear that she was not actually consulted at all during production and was less than enthusiastic about some of the casting choices. Part 1, premiering on Sunday February 17, , finished in 7th place for the week but was the top rated show for the night. Parts 2 and 3 ranked 13th and 2nd the following week.

Although a hit, Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales facetiously wrote, " Hollywood Wives didn't get quite the ratings ABC thought it would; so network executives now are rethinking their entire programming policy. They're wondering, 'Maybe we should give the public decent, intelligent, tasteful television shows. Hollywood Wives was released on a double cassette home video in the s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Works produced by Aaron Spelling. Officers on Duty —04 Clubhouse —05 Summerland —05 Wanted Ross Conti 3 episodes, Anthony Hopkins Neil Gray 3 episodes, Roddy McDowall Jason Swandle 3 episodes, Stefanie Powers Montana Gray 3 episodes, Suzanne Somers Gina Germaine 3 episodes, Robert Stack George Lancaster 3 episodes, Rod Steiger Oliver Easterne 3 episodes, Andrew Stevens Buddy Hudson 3 episodes, Catherine Mary Stewart Angel Hudson 3 episodes, Frances Bergen Pamela Lancaster 3 episodes, Daryl Anderson Ferdie 3 episodes, Stephen Shellen Randy 3 episodes, Dorothy Dells Francis 3 episodes, Aleisa Shirley Shelly 3 episodes, Dino Gigante Hairdresser 2 episodes, James 'Gypsy' Haake Koko 2 episodes, Anna Maria Poon Brenda 2 episodes, Joe E.

Elliot 2 episodes, Meg Wyllie Edit Storyline A three-part, six-hour adoptation of Jackie Collins' book about a group of very wealthy, attractive, snobbish women who are caught up in the low life and high society of Hollywood.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia The part of Neil Grey was originally intended to be played by Richard Burton, but after his untimely death, the role went to Sir Anthony Hopkins. Connections Spoofed in Not Necessarily the News: Add the first question. User Reviews Like watching a train wreck Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books. Elaine Conti 3 episodes, Marilee Gray 3 episodes, Jakie has many novels. Read one you read all seriously Really two and a half stars.

Classic 80's Hollywood trash novel. An amusing read, if you're in the right mood. The plot bogs down a bit toward the end of the first half, but the second half really takes off. It's mainly about a hot movie that everyone in Hollywood wants to be a part of. There's also a murder sub-plot that becomes connected with the rest of the story in the second half.

It's pretty much what you'd expect: Read for the June group read at Classi Really two and a half stars. Read for the June group read at Classic Trash: Mar 23, Piper Silverthorne rated it really liked it Shelves: This is not intellectually stimulating material, but sometimes I like a good quick rollercoaster ride of a dirty novel.

This one is definitely dirty, and follows some very dynamic characters through all kinds of troubling situations. One line stuck with me and I actually added it to my mantra list Jan 19, Angie rated it it was amazing. Thought I would give myself a break from the old classics and try some classic trash and this book got me hooked. I absolutely love Jackie Collins. She's fun and easy to read and I've happened to get a couple of friends reading her works too. God bless Jackie Collins! Apr 10, Shawn Byrnes rated it liked it.

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This book is exactly what you'd expect it to be If you'd pick up any random tabloid and have it novel-sized, you'd get Hollywood Wives. This book is filled with everything you can imagine that is delicioulsy scandelous, and I loved every trashy page of it! Apr 08, Whitebeard Books rated it really liked it Shelves: Now you might expect just as I did that this would be like reading a soap opera. And it turns out to be pretty much that. I'm sure that while there are advantages to living and socializing in the movie capital of the world, there are equally as many disadvantages, not to mention the gossip!

I am reading this and Hollywood Husbands at the same time just to compare notes. She has written much better. Feb 24, Jaclyn rated it liked it. This is book No. This book was written in my birth year , and it's shocking how much changed between this one and the book before it, "The Valley of the Dolls. You could tell by how it was addressed that writing about such a subject was taboo. You can even see it in the movies; in "Everything," some of the sex scenes are taken This is book No.

You can even see it in the movies; in "Everything," some of the sex scenes are taken out entirely, replaced by light smooching or nights spent on the couch. In "Wives," all best are off. The sex is gratuitous and, frankly, not even the good stuff. When you read current chic lit by someone like Nora Roberts my favorite of those authors, Danielle Steele can stick it , the scenes are well-thought out and pretty erotic. In "Wives," every character sleeps with every other character, and the scenes take less than half a page.

It's definitely what stood out most to me when comparing it to previous works.

Also, I think I forgot a book in the series. This jumped me straight into the s -- I think Nora Ephron was supposed to be my '70s book, which may be part of the reason it seems so jarring, because I didn't ease myself into it after "Dolls. Jul 29, Harv Griffin rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my favorite Jackie Collins novel. Actually, it's the only Jackie Collins novel I've been able to get beyond several chapters.

Hollywood Wives

Her other novels haven't worked for me, at least the four or five others I've tried to read, but this one pushes all my buttons. I've read it at least twice; I suspect three or four times. The wives are the real This is my favorite Jackie Collins novel. The wives are the real stars of this novel, but the hero, Ross, a former superstar actor who can no longer land any kind of decent role, and who fails all through this novel, finally succeeds because of Bad Publicity!

I'm hoping Bad Publicity will save me too!

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Aug 22, Sara L. Something is funky with the way this book is going on my shelf. I have read the original Hollywood Wives, not the New Generation. I have no idea what possessed me to pick it up, without even its jacket on, at a cafe bookshelf. As I read it though, it was so bizarre to me how it seemed to jump from unrelated story to unrelated story.

Of course, the characters' lives began to intertwine, but there was still a bizarre outlier It was funny to me that Something is funky with the way this book is going on my shelf. It was funny to me that the stories took place decades ago, but many of the celebrities referred to are still in the spotlight. Plus, I can imagine a lot of the crap that goes on in this book actually happening in Hollywood today I don't know how to give 3.

Mar 01, Travis rated it liked it. Hollywood Wives is not what I expected, which was a campy romp full of glitz, glamour, and sex. There was plenty of that, but also something darker, and not particularly campy. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not a romance novel, nor an 80's version of Real Housewives.

Think more pulp fiction. It doesn't celebrate or laud the vapid, sordid, and macabre; instead, Collins invites you to root for the utter destruction and humiliation of her protagonists. They are so self-serving and vain, Hollywood Wives is not what I expected, which was a campy romp full of glitz, glamour, and sex.

Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives Hollywood Wives

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