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Enter a valid 'Destination City' or select from the list. Refer a Friend and Earn! Click to view your unique referral code. Sorry, we didn't find any deals for that Here are some other deals you might like. Ngaire was too frightened so stayed in Christchurch. I could — but there was a catch — I wanted to get on the plane for the flight to Blenheim. The plane took off at 2. About three minutes after takeoff, the group saw a bright, round light to the right. The aeroplane radar showed a target in the same direction about 18 nautical miles.

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Fogarty would later be heard saying on camera: Factor in a row of pulsating, hypnotic lights hovering outside the window, and it goes to another level. After landing at Woodbourne Airport at about 3am, the group stayed at the two pilots homes in Blenheim.

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A copy of the New Zealand Herald from January 3, This was the copy of the Herald on January 4, They were talking about lights, unexplained radar. It was during the Cold War, there was a bit of paranoia around. It was a big unknown thing that had happened and we had all the adults around discussing it. There were certainly no jokes being made. Fogarty interviewed the pilots before flying to Melbourne to give the recordings to Channel 0. The footage featured on prime time news that night and a longer documentary piece screened later.

The news went around the world and was featured by major news media, including by the Herald and by CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite. Bruce Maccabee, pictured in , examined footage of the supposed UFO. The sceptical reaction was immediate. Explanations included that it was Venus, drug runners, light reflected from cabbages or squid boats.

The Robert Muldoon Government ordered an inquiry by the Air Force, which concluded that the sightings could be explained by natural but unusual phenomena. He was also flown to New Zealand and Melbourne to interview witnesses. The sightings were relegated to the dustbin of history, forgotten by all except the witnesses and a few ufologists who discussed the various sighting events for years afterward.

He says they involved multiple witnesses and multiple sources of information such as battleship radar at sea level, radar in the Navy jet aeroplanes, visible and infra-red video cameras in the aeroplanes. I certainly did not expect to be accused of hoaxing the whole thing. That cut deep, it still does.

Fogarty, a father of four who still lives in Melbourne, says he endeavoured to report the story as accurately and as impartially as he could. Startup now lives in a rest home in Blenheim. He had a stroke a three years after the incident and had to retire from flying.

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Shirley, who died in , was interviewed in and said a psychiatrist had thought the men had lost their faith in God and were seeing angels. Startup, who was not well enough to be interviewed by the Herald on Sunday, told a documentary in People can think what they want but they were not in the aircraft. He had no thoughts that he ever communicated to us. We suddenly had to justify ourselves.

It was a bit tense as it got closer to the aircraft. Have I ever seen anything like that again? Do I believe in UFOs? Pilots see a lot of unidentified flying things. Guard stopped working for Safe Air in and went on to work at Air Nelson. He was the flight operations manager when he retired, aged 65, in

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