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This latter finding is supported by a more limited review of decisions by other tribal courts. In contrast with the second assumption, cases involving non-members appear to be crucial for tribal self-government. They comprise a disproportionately large number of cases before the appellate courts, and form an equally disproportionate role in maintaining judicial legitimacy and fairness.


Event Recap: Trades of Hope & Bethany Christian Services

This is particularly true given the origin of tribal courts as tools both of non-Indian acculturation and control and tribal resistance, and the current struggle of tribes to thrive under radically changed circumstances without losing their cohesion as distinct communities. Berger, Bethany, "Justice and the Outsider: Faculty Articles and Papers.

Title Justice and the Outsider: Disciplines Indian and Aboriginal Law Jurisdiction. Then, a year and a half ago, Alex and Brett Harris, authors of Do Hard Things , shared on their blog about their friend Elaini who was wearing the same dress for days to raise money for orphans. It was fun to see her creativity and all the different ways that she wore her dress.

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Then, that fall, I started toying with the idea of doing something similar. As I talked and prayed about it, I started getting more and more excited.

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I set my start date for February 1 st and began getting ready. However, my dress was done and I was ready before I had expected, so I moved my start date to Jan.

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One way that I was planning to do this was by attending the Justice Conference. However, my plans changed last week and I will no longer be able to attend.

Government Statement concerning Bethany Home - The Department of Justice and Equality

I hope all of you who are going have a great time. What a creative and fun way to raise awareness for human trafficking.

Juvenile Community Justice

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Bethanys Justice Bethanys Justice
Bethanys Justice Bethanys Justice
Bethanys Justice Bethanys Justice
Bethanys Justice Bethanys Justice
Bethanys Justice Bethanys Justice

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