Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)

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The dragons gathered silently, as prearranged, honoring custom. They landed unobserved beneath the path of the eclipse. There was no need for conversation: Dread and anticipation mingled in one of the eldest, Donovan, as he watched his fellows arrive. Heat rose from the sand underfoot and the sky appeared to be stained with blood. Erik arrived last, his onyx and pewter figure casting an erie shadow as he wheeled with confidence out of the sky. He carried a black velvet sack, moving as if it weighed nothing. The blessing was murmured in old-speak by all of them, even skeptical Donovan.

It was older than any of them, mysterious and potent, and to his thinking, it brought more trouble than it solved. The stone spun like a top across the hot sand. When it came to a halt, the six clustered closer, as close as Erik would permit. The eclipse was already progressing — if Erik felt the press of time passing, he gave no outward sign. Their leader was as cool and composed as always, as confident as Donovan had always known him to be.

Donovan was impatient and inclined to prod the stone. Before he could move, though, the orb sparkled, as if lit from the inside. Lines of gold appeared in the darkness, running across and around its surface. The outline of continents appeared, as if drawn in gold by a frantic mapsmith. Nothing happened after the continents were drawn although the shadow of the earth moved relentlessly across the full moon.

The leylines could have been lines of longitude and latitude, because they triangulated a precise location. Having the break made it all come together just beautifully. Glad you had the break. A lot of times those times away can get the creative juices flowing again. I suppose you could read it anytime. I loved the dragon dairies! Any chance there might be a few more of them or possibly one with their younger siblings?

I would like to write more about the younger generation, Susan.

Kiss of Fate Dragonfire, Book 3

Dragonfire Rendezvous with a Romance. My Chat with Erik! My hope is that the series will launch in first quarter In the meantime, we have Here Be Dragons coming in November…. Read the first five in succession, hope the Library has some more. I love this series. I have all the books in print and on my Kindle.

Dragonfire Series

I would love to have an audio version of them to listen to as well. Will they ever be available in an audio format? I would love to have these books available at audio. The current challenge is that some the audio rights are controlled by my publisher and some by me. That makes it hard to develop a good plan. That might prompt my publisher to start with Dragonfire audiobooks. Do you have any fave narrators for paranormal romance?

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I would lean more towards a male narrator as well. My favorite male narrator is Luke Daniels. He has a way of bringing characters to life. Robert Petkoff is another favorite.


They both do an excellent job with the different characters in the books. I did see your name on a couple of The Jewels of Kinfairlie books on audible.

Bestselling Paranormal Romances Featuring Dragon Shifter Heroes by Deborah Cooke

I do a search on Audible every now and then for you to see if the Dragonfire books are there yet. Saskia Maarleveld is narrating the Jewels of Kinfairlie and the True Love Brides, because I like her voice, her accents are wonderful and she does a brilliant job of distinguishing the various characters. There are often many people in a scene eight siblings in that series and not always dialogue tags, so that differentiation is important.

Kiss of Fire | The Dragonfire Novels

His voice is wonderful — you can listen to his audition on my Soundcloud page. The medievals needed narrators with British accents, but Dragonfire will require American accents. Thanks so much for your suggestions! My choice for Male narrator…Phil Gigante! Does accents, nice manly voice. You get used to his woman voices also. Hi there, i read your dragon fire books, I saw a few books about the wren, but are hanging for the new series that was to carry on from Dragonfire, is this still on the cards? Yes my imagination requires assistance haha.

The links are here:. I beg you please make a 3rd book after winging it. Zoe is an amazing heroine and we want more of her in action. You can read more about it right here: I am also planning to write more books about Zoe and the other Pyr kids, so please stay tuned for that! As each book reverts, it becomes unavailable in digital format. NAL has the right to sell their existing print stock, but not to print more.

I love your stores, you style of writing and everything about this series. When do you expect Whisper Kiss to be available in ebook format? I just finished the entire Dragonfire series and it was incredible!!! The best series I have read in a long time, and a new favorite. I have told all my friends they MUST start reading these immediately. Thank you for these wonderful books!

All of the books have reverted to me now and will be republished in new editions this summer. The Pyr also have their own website now at: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series) Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)
Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series) Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)
Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series) Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)
Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series) Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)
Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series) Kiss of Fire: A Dragonfire Novel (Dragonfire series)

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