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Taschenbuch , pages. Published June 1st by Droemer Knaur first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Die Bankerin , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Deborah rated it did not like it Apr 10, Heidy rated it did not like it Nov 09, Melanie Cordier rated it did not like it Jan 14, Art Hasardspiel neuter Neutrum n banker betting game. Example sentences from external sources for "banker" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team.

That should worry central bankers, because their credibility is pretty much all they have. Die Junta setzt einen Banker als neuen Premierminister ein.

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Damm-, Erdarbeiter masculine Maskulinum m banker rare selten selten labourer. Modellierbank feminine Femininum f banker of sculptor. This is because the let-down is gentle and never absolute; others in the book endure bankruptcy, disgrace, and even imprisonment, but the Buddenbrooks merely fade into a nostalgic memory. But it is also because of the characters, who remain in the reader's heart even after the supporting structure has collapsed.

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You could say that the book has three parts: What was new to me this time was the translation by John E. Woods, in place of the old standard version by H. I no longer have a copy to compare, but it strikes me that Woods is lighter, less in awe of his subject.

Here is his description of Tony as a teenager: She was really very pretty, little Tony Buddenbrooks was. Flowing from beneath her straw hat was a thick head of blond hair, curly of course, and turning darker with each passing year; and the slightly protruding upper lip gave a saucy look to her fresh little face with its lively grey blue eyes, a sauciness repeated in her small, graceful body. There was self-assurance in the spring of her thin legs in their snow-white stockings.

A great many people knew her, and they would greet Consul Buddenbrook's little daughter as she stepped through the garden gate onto the chestnut-lined lane.

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Here his is boasting of his knowledge of her grandmother's family: Excellent people, one and all, such heart, such intellect. Indeed, it would be a better world if all families had such qualities. One finds in that family such faith, such charity, such sincere piety, in short, the very ideal of true Christianity; and yet all of it is united with a cosmopolitan refinement and brilliant elegance that I personally find quite charming, Madame Buddenbrook. Forks want their peace 'n' a mugga beer. And y' certainly wouldn't read no telegram while you're eatin', sure as hell wouldn't.

You got another kinda gittup 'n' go this way, damn if y' don't. I'll have 'nother glass. On the other hand, his entrance into the novel at around page immediately raises the question of his social status and the Buddenbrooks' as well. Up to now, we have seen them as one of the most prominent families in the city Lubeck, though not so mentioned.

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They have money, they have influence, they seem to have taste. It is only now that we see that their status as merchants is entirely a function of their success; they have certainly no pretensions to birth, or much to education; Tom Buddenbrook did not even complete high school. They may not be parvenus like Permaneder -- but when, in the middle section, things begin to go wrong, they lack the deep roots to sustain them.

Tom marries well, however, a cultured aristocrat from Holland who owns a Stradivarius that she plays beautifully. She passes her musical genes to their only son, Johann, known as Hanno. Mann dedicates these later parts there are 11 in all to his brother Heinrich, also an author, and to a friend who was both a painter and musician. For the first time, I began to see the Buddenbrook saga as autobiographical, with himself as the sensitive and utterly non-commercial Hanno.

And here Mann offers some of the most evocative writing about music I have ever read in fiction. There is a long passage of several pages late in the book, which serves as a spiritual road map to the travels of Hanno's psyche. But I want to end with an earlier passage, because it combines rhapsodic writing with a very precise explanation of what Hanno in doing, in a semi-improvised Wagnerian sonata he performs with his mother: And now came the ending, Hanno's beloved finale, which was to add the final simple, sublime touch to the whole composition.

Wrapped in the sparkling, bubbling runs of the violin, which rang out with gentle, bell-like purity, he struck the E-minor chord tremolo pianissimo.

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It grew, broadened, swelled slowly, very slowly, and once it was at forte, Hanno sounded the dissonant C sharp that would lead back to the original key; and while the Stradivarius surged and dashed sonorously around the same C sharp, he used all his strength to crescendo the dissonance to fortissimo. He refused to resolve the chord, withheld it from himself and his audience.

What would resolution be like, this ravishing and liberating submersion into B major? Incomparable joy, the delight of sweet rapture. Peace, bliss, heaven itself. Not yet, not yet -- one moment more of delay, of unbearable tension that would make the release all the more precious. He wanted one last taste of this insistent, urgent longing, of this craving that filled his whole being, of this cramped and strained exertion of will, which at the same time refused all fulfillment and release -- he knew that happiness lasts only a moment.

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This is a delightful translation of a book I've tried several times over the last 45 plus years to read without much success, but this time it will be a pleasure. Although I studied and later worked as an international banker in Germany for over three years, read and spoke German easily and still use German occasionally, I alway found the subtlety of Thomas Mann's longer novels in both German and even English translation except for Doktor Faustus daunting, determined as I was.

This new translation by David Wood is wonderful--playfully ironic, colloquial, and learned at the same time--and shows what a tragedy it can be to have the "wrong" or at least, "not altogether graceful", translator. Imagine what an injustice to Mark Twain or Garrison Keillor a dry pedant would be! I am going to read all the Thomas Mann novels that Wood has translated as soon as I can find the time, and go at the German originals again with Wood as my more trusted guide. I know now that I probably missed a great deal.

Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)
Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)
Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)
Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)
Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)
Die Bankerin (German Edition) Die Bankerin (German Edition)

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